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Montana Hunting Outfitters


Application Deadline – March 1st-31st
Preference Point Deadline July 1st-December 31st

Preference points are required to ensure drawing a tag. You are able to buy one preference point and one outfitter preference point while applying for a license the year you intend to hunt. Two points has resulted in a successful draw in past years.
We are more than happy to walk you through the application process should you need help.

The closest airports are the Missoula airport in Missoula, MT and the Bert Mooney airport in Butte, MT. Both are located a little over an hour from where your hunt will take place. We recommend renting a car for the duration of your hunt. Airport transportation can be arranged in advance for an additional fee.

Your hunt dates will be reserved only after receiving a 50% deposit. Full payment is due for archery and rifle hunts August 1st. Deposits for hunts are non refundable, the only exception being unsuccessful in the draw. In the result you are unsuccessful in the the draw, you can carry over your deposit to the following year or be refunded in full. Payment is to be made by check, we do not currently accept credit card.

Hunting License – $1055.50

Gratuities – 20% of hunt cost is recommended

Meat Processing – $300-$400 depending on the cuts you have prepared plus shipping

Airport transportation –Can be arranged in advance for an additional fee

Taxidermy – We can prepare your trophy to be taken home with you or recommend a local taxidermist

In order to benefit present and future hunters as well as the game we pursue our wounding policy is as follows:

ANY HIT animal will result in the ending of your hunt for that species. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS.  We will make every effort to recover your animal. 

It is highly advisable to purchase a trip insurance policy for your hunting expedition, as we do not provide refunds for any reason. By obtaining trip insurance, you can safeguard your investment in case of any unforeseen circumstances that may prevent you from embarking on your trip.

Moreover, trip insurance can also offer protection against damage or loss of your equipment, along with providing medical benefits and emergency evacuation coverage during your hunt. We recommend considering Sportsman Travel Insurance for this purpose.

Global Rescue

85 MECHANIC ST, SUITE A1-1, LEBANON NH 03766 USA, TOLL FREE : (800) 381-9754 LOCAL: (617) 459-4200, (603) 443-5400


Hunters will stay in a renovated farm house located on the ranch where the majority of our hunting takes place. Camp is clean, roomy and very comfortable.  We will provide breakfast, lunch and dinner for the duration of your hunt.  There are also some great options in Philipsburg in addition to cooking at the house.

Gratuity serves as a meaningful way for clients to show personal appreciation to our hardworking guides and camp cooks, who go above and beyond to ensure an exceptional hunt. Offering a standard gratuity of 20% of the total hunt cost is customary.

However, we want to emphasize that gratuity is not obligatory. It is an age-old tradition that clients can choose to participate in based on their own assessment of the efforts made by our dedicated team members to create a memorable hunting experience. The decision to award gratuity should reflect the individual’s recognition of the exceptional service provided by our staff.

When it comes to hunting, whether using a firearm or a bow, being familiar with your weapon is crucial for a successful trophy hunt and accurate shot. In addition, it’s important to follow safety recommendations to handle your weapon properly. Be sure to keep track of your guide or non-hunting companions, especially during muzzleloader hunts, where the sound can cause harm to those nearby.

To increase your chances of a successful hunt, practicing and having good equipment are key. Shooting ability is particularly important, so start preparing well in advance by carefully sighting in your rifle. Practice shooting from different positions, at 50 to 350 yards, though most shots are around 200 yards. Keep in mind that there won’t be any shooting benches in the field, so practice shooting prone or off a backpack as often as possible.

Taxidermy –

Wildlife Artistry Livingston, MT

Meat Processing

Courtney Meats – Philipsburg, MT

Yellowstone Processing – Bozeman, MT

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